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PLM is specialized in providing filter production solutions for our customers. Until now, our solutions covers car & heavy duty air filters, cabin filters, oil & fuel filters, primary/middle/high efficiency filters. Over 70 kinds of filter production machines and test machines satisfy customers with different requirements and budget. Complete line of filter materials save customers purchasing time and cost. All these help customers efficient production and high output. Our online and on-site supports eliminate customers' worries. We have gained the ISO, CE and CO certifications, which verify our machines and materials are accord with international and market requirements.

  • Production Solution Designer

    Specialized in filter equipment, material & solution supply

  • Since 1990

    31 Years experience for more professional support

  • ISO/CE/CO Certified

    Quality assurance for you efficient production

A production line of air filter.

PLM Designer

  • 01

    Budget Consultation

    According to your budget to recommend the cost effective machines and solutions to increase profit for you.

  • 02

    Regional Planning

    According to the equipment occupying area to plan suitable areas and reasonable partition to improve working efficiency.

  • 03

    Process Management

    According to your requirements to design the optimal production process to help you start a business and make profit fast.

  • 04

    Customization Service

    According to your local market and customers' needs to customize the appreciate machine molds and help you gain more markets shares.

  • 05

    Technical Improvement

    According to your current problems to analyze and propose improvement plan to help you increase output and quality.

  • 06

    Worker Training

    Online and factory worker training service can help your enterprise training technical personnel and reduce production loss and downtime cost.


Our PLM is aimed to supply total solution to filter solutions, we will try our best to contribute to customers' efficient productions and high output. Our process management, machine & material supply, complete line of documents and technical support will help you success.

  • 31 Years Experience

  • 70+ Kinds of Machines

  • 800 Sets of Yearly Output

  • Technical Support

  • Total Solution

  • Continuously Development

  • ISO/CE/CO Verified

  • Rapidly Response

Assembly line of leiman filter machines.
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