Rigorous Quality Control Guarantees Qualified Machines & Material

Our Leiman has strict quality control system and also be certificated by international authorized agents. All our machines have a complete line of technical support and thorough warranty policies. You can purchase them without any worries. And we promise you can obtain more than machine itself...

  • 31 Years Experience
  • Authorized Certificated
  • Measurement
  • Mold Customizationy
  • Production Process
  • Inspection Line
A picture shows our quality assurance system.

31 Years Experience

From foundation, we insist on "quality is the key to success" and established a set of quality control system to guide and supervise machine production. With technology improvement and more production line imported, our quality control system is continuously develop and improve.

Authorized Certificated

PLM machine and equipment has obtained ISO 9001 and CO certification. Besides, part of our machines are gained CE certification, which certifies our capacity to export into European markets. All the international certifications reflects that the quality of PLM machines and materials are certified as outstanding level.


A qualified machine contains hundreds of parts and models, and every parts determines machine performance and efficiency. To fulfil the large-scale manufacturing requirements in auto filtration, hydraulic, water and air dust industries, we examines every single part of parts under environmental climate control.

Mold Customization

Each customized molds are delivered to out customers trough trial and error. We will communicate with our customers first and know their requirements. Then we will discuss and design a mold. Finished mold will be tested and assure it can achieve expected efficiency. Then the molds can be delivered to our customers.

Production Process

To contribute our customers with the most advanced technology, we keep innovating our machine facility and assembly shop. PLM machines are produced and assembly at our own workshop to manage and supervise the products quality.

And are bound to go through every steps of high-standard inspection before shipping.

3 Inspection Line

Every step of leiman machine production are through high standard inspection.

Before production, we will check and assure the performance of raw materials.

During production, we will supervise and inspect the dimensions and appearance at fixed time and casual inspection.

After production, we will debug and test the machine performance and only qualified and high performance machines can be delivered to our customers.