PLF-1200N Full-Auto Photoelectric Paper Trimming Machine

A set of PLF-1200N full-auto photoelectric paper trimming machine.
Product Name PLF-1200N
Width 1300C type
Cutting Thickness 20–300 g/m2 (depending on different raw materials)
Max. Diameter of Raw Material Unwindin φ800 mm
Max. Diameter of Raw Material Rewinding φ800 mm
Max. Width of Slitting Material 1300 mm
Winding Inflatable Shaft φ74 mm
Number of Rewinding Shafts at the Same Time 2 (double shaft rewinding)
Deviation Correction Accuracy ±0.5 mm
Slitting Accuracy ±0.5 mm
Speed 10–200 m/min
Total Power 5 kW
Body Color gray cover white (other colors are optional)
Use automatic photoelectric correction according to different raw materials and customer specific requirements
  • This machine uses a DC motor to keep it running smoothly during acceleration; (frequency conversion speed regulation can also be used)
  • Automatic meter counting, alarm and other functions;
  • The rewinding adopts A air shaft structure, which is convenient for loading and unloading;
  • The unwinding adopts the photoelectric automatic correction system to make irregular materials can be slit normally
  • Automatic discharge device for flat knife slitting waste edge
  • Pneumatic shaft feeding, 3 inches

This machine is suitable for slitting various roll materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, etc. During the production process, the materials are slit and rewinded according to different needs.


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