PLM-DB5060 Automatic Sealing and Strapping Machine

A set of PLM-DB5060 Automatic sealing and strapping machine
Product Name PLM-DB5060
Sealing Speed 20 m/min
Table Height Min. Height 570 mm, Max. Height 750 mm
Power Supply 220 V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption 0.2 kW
Applicable Tape Width 48 mm, 60mm, 75 mm
Machine Weight 120 kg
Applicable Carton (L × W × H) minimum : 150 × 130 × 130, support customized non-standard, maximum : unlimited length × 500 × 500
Machine Size (L × W × H) 1000 × 880 × 1340 mm
  • This machine-connected combination is the most economical combination choice to realize the function of automatic sealing and packing.
  • Manually adjust the width and height when changing specifications.
  • The transmission mode adopts the belt drive on both sides.
  • Manually fold the upper cover, and the upper and lower "one" characters are sealed and packaged at one time.
  • The carton sealing machine includes automatic positioning control function, which realizes the on-machine control with the packing machine.
  • The height of the standard machine table is 770 mm.
  • The tape machine has a precise and sturdy structure, smooth operation and long service life.
  • In addition to standard specifications, non-standard customization is acceptable.

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