PLTB-1 Automatic Labeling Machine

A set of PLTB-1 automatic labeling machine
Product Name PLTB-1
Labeling speed 50-60 PCS/MIN
Labeling accuracy ±2 mm
Label width 25–130 mm
Conveyor line size 1500 × 400 × 700 mm
Assembly line height 700 mm
Belt effective width 400 mm
Belt conveying speed 28 m/min
Label size Inner diameter of label core 76.2 mm, outer diameter 300 mm
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz 0.5 kW
M/C dimension 1500 × 700 × 1500 mm (L × W × H)(According to specific machine size)
M/C weight 100 kg
  • The machine adopts PLC control, stepper motor drive, touch screen operation interface, the operation interface is simple and easy to understand.
  • The parameter setting adjustment is convenient and quick, the labeling speed and labeling count are clear at a glance.
  • When some of the front edge of the labeling machine label sticks to the package, the product will take away the label immediately.
  • The product is detected by the sensor, the signal is processed by the PLC, and the labeling position can be modified by setting parameters before and after.
  • Adapt to product size
    • Length: 20–600 mm
    • Width: 40–400 mm
    • Height: 5–300 mm
  • Applicable labels
    • Length: 25–250 mm
    • Width: 20–130 mm

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