Anaerobic Adhesive for Thread Cover Plates Sealing

Anaerobic adhesive is suitable for bonding and sealing thread cover plates of various spin-on oil filters and fuel filters.

  • High strength
  • High viscosity
  • Excellent oil resistance
  • Excellent high and low temperature change
  • Extreme tensile strength
  • extreme shear strength
  • For active metal surfaces
A bottle of anaerobic adhesive.
Sealing Glue Model LM1013
Appearance red viscous liquid
Cure Time 30 min
Storage Period 6 months
Content 750 mL
Viscosity 1000-5000 mPa·s (adjustable)
Sealing Pressure 30 MPa
Working Temperature -55 °C to 165 °C
Matters Needing Attention

Should be sealed, stored in a dry, ventilated, cool place.The storage period is 6 months.


It is suitable for sealing, bonding and sealing of various spin-on oil filters and fuel filters.

A spin-on filter and a fuel filter on white background.

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