Cabin Air Filter Activated Carbon Material Composite Machine

This machine integrates unwinding, automatic deviation correction, one-time glue spraying, one-time lamination, slitting and rewinding. The working principle is as follow:

Te material is unrolled by electric feeding, corrected, and then enters the glue spraying system for glue spraying. It is compounded and flattened with the upper material, then slit, and then enters the rewinding system.

A drawing of cabin air filter activated carbon material composite machine.
The features of this machine are as follows:
  • Synchronous control of production speed and spray glue amount (the glue amount and production speed change automatically, and the encoder is used to rotate synchronously with the host drive and processed by the computer into the speed signal of the frequency converter)
  • Each unwinding machine is equipped with tension adjustment
  • The upper and lower materials adopt automatic correction system. Make sure the materials are neat and beautiful
  • The winding system adopts magnetic powder tension backrest winding. Ensure uniform tension across product diameter.
  • This machine has a set meter counting function (when the product reaches the set number of meters, it will automatically stop and alarm)
  • Small fiber nozzle air path heating, fully atomized glue spray
  • The melting tank is treated with high-temperature Teflon and adopts 2-layer heating. (Ensure melting speed) Multi-layer filtration before and after the pump to reduce the impact of glue impurities on glue spraying.
The specific configuration is as follows:
  • Coating method: spraying (glue spraying system Jundingda XD-Z50L1600mm small fiber spray gun)
  • Effective maximum glue spraying width: 1600 mm
  • Glue spray volume: 1.5–5 g/m
  • Mechanical speed: 60 m/min
  • Length of all stick faces: 1800 mm
  • Maximum unwinding diameter: 1200 mm
  • The unwinding device includes 2 sets of automatic correction
  • Power supply: 380V±15%
  • Equipment assembly: 10 meters * 2.3 meters * 2 meters
  • The glue amount is tracked synchronously with the host speed, and can also be adjusted independently.
An overview of cabin air filter activated carbon material composite machine
An overview of cabin air filter activated carbon material composite machine

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