PLAB-220 Filter Gluing Machine

A set of PLAB-220 filter paper gluing machine
Technical parameters
Glue ratio: 1:1-10:1 fixed ratio adjustable
Glue filling speed: 5–60 g/5s adjustable (there are certain differences according to the characteristics of the glue)
Glue filling accuracy: glue amount ±1%, ratio: ±1%
Input air pressure range: 0.4–0.8 MPa
Head seal under pressure: max. ≤2.6 MPa
Glue water viscosity: 12000 CPS
Operation mode: automatic, manual
Glue ratio control: high precision metering pump
Programming method: demonstration tutorial
Electric control system: control panel (program setting, modification, storage, etc.)
Glue cut-off system: A, B glue independent instantaneous automatic suction system
Mixing system: high speed servo dynamic mixing device
Glue mixing system: high stability stepping continuous mixing device
Glue heating system: full constant temperature heating system
A rubber barrel capacity: 20L (optional: 30L/50L)
B rubber barrel capacity: 20L (optional: 30L/50L)
Cleaning barrel capacity: 5L (according to customer requirements, can be customized)
Dimensions: 850×1050×1500 mm
Rated power supply: 220V/50Hz/950W
Equipment characteristics
  • Electric control system: The equipment adopts high-stability original motor, PLC, control panel, electronic components, wiring, dust-proof and anti-static systems are all designed according to national standards.
  • Glue dispensing system: The equipment adopts high-precision metering pumps, which can produce precise glue, give full play to its advantages, and make a breakthrough in the new technology of precise ratio glue volume ratio.
  • Liquid level alarm: The equipment is equipped with A and B glue level alarm functions, which can prevent the glue from breaking and not drying in time.
  • Filtration system: The glue is passed from the material barrel to the glue outlet through multiple filters to prevent impurities from entering the glue barrel and causing the pump to be stuck.
  • Cleaning system: The equipment adopts the method of liquid separation and packaging to mix the glue at the glue outlet. After the operation is completed, press the cleaning function to clean the mixed part, and the other places are separated without worrying about the glue. solidified inside the device.
  • Heating system: It is controlled by a constant temperature heating method throughout the process, so that the fluidity of the glue is better and the glue filling operation is effectively facilitated.
  • Stirring device: The material barrel adopts a continuous stirring device, double-leaf design, reliable and stable, preventing glue precipitation and making glue more uniform.
  • Counting display: equipped with a visual dynamic counting display function, which can clearly check the daily production output of the equipment.
  • Operating system: Adopt fool-proof design, easy to operate, more convenient for personnel to learn, and integrated operation of glue dispensing and filling.
Applicable glue
  • Epoxy resin
  • PU glue
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • UV glue
Scope of application
  • Electronic industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Aviation industry
  • LED industry
  • Military industry
  • Ship industry
  • Automobile industry
Equipment operating environment
  • Power supply voltage: AC 220V ±10%, 50–60 HZ unified standard ground wire;
  • Input air pressure: 0.6–0.8 MPa;
  • Space environment: no strong mechanical vibration, shock, strong electromagnetic field

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