PLCZ55-1050-A Full Auto CNC Knife Paper Pleating Machine

A set of PLCZ55-1050-A full auto pleating machine.
Product Name PLCZ55-1050-A
Max. Paper Width 1050 mm
Adjustable Pleating Height 8–65 mm
Pleating Speed 0–140 Pleats/min
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
Motor Power 5 kW
Pre-Heater Power 4 kW
Operating Temperature Up to 250 °C
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
M/C Size 1800 × 1720 × 1500 mm
M/C Weight 650 KG
  • Pleating machine can mark on filter paper with different pleat size (M type, W type and T type) and the marking distance can be arbitrarily set on the computer.
  • Servo motor feeding makes the marking distance more accurate and the adjustment is easy and convenient, which is beneficial for the pleating production.
  • The pleating machine can also be convex on paper, which is especially suitable for special large air filters.
  • Pleating machine adopts upper and lower knife alternately finish the pleating work to guarantee accurate, even pleating. Besides, the pleating height can be automatically adjusted on the computer for fast and convenient operation.
  • Pleating machines can complete automatic counting, pleating and pre-heated work.
  • The production line is applied to auto tri-filter industry, hydraulic pressure, purification and water treatment industries, etc.

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