PLWG-1300N/700N Full-Auto HEPA Filter CNC Mini Paper Pleating Line

A set of PLWG-1300N/700N full-auto HEPA filter CNC mini paper pleating production line
Product Name PLWG-1300N/700N
Production Capacity 25 m/min
Elements Diameter ≤1000 mm
Elements Width ≤1320/720 mm
Product Width ≤1300/700 mm
Adjustable Height Range 15–100 mm
Distance Between Gluing Lines 25.4 mm
Gluing Lines 2 × 48 pcs
Total Line Power 46 kW
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
Main Machine Size (L × W × H) 6400 × 1860 × 1860 mm
Glue Machine Size (L × W × H) 860 × 800 × 1160 mm
  • This machine adopts automatically mechanical, electrical and pneumatic control as a whole, which is high efficiency and steady working.
  • The operation adopts the computerization control screen which is easy view and easy operation.
  • The air-bulking shaft is used when paper feeding, also equipped with the tensile force brake control system, which can control tensile force of paper feeding automatically.
  • This machine equipped with the paper edge cutting device.
  • The pleating height can be chosen freely, no need changing the rollers, the servo-control system can accurately ensure pleating neatly.
  • Easy to choose any of six gluing functions like continuously, separately, two sides, one side, auto, manual.
  • The running speed of the machine can be regulated easily.
  • The pleating height adjusted and the front-back movement of the paper collecting system can be regulated easily and steadily.
  • The convey speed of the conveyor system is stepped by the system thought the computer regulation.

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