PLJL-10 Ten-station Seal Leakage Tester For Spin-on Filter

A set of PLJL-10 Ten-station Seal Leakage Tester For Spin-on Filter.
Product effective diameter ɸ65–105 mm
Product effective height 60–160mm
Production speed 40 pcs/min
Power supply voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Working air pressure 0.6 MPa
Number of workstations 10 workstations
Conveyor belt speed 0–10 m/min
Machine weight 2000 kg
Overall dimensions (L × W × H) 2960 × 1650 × 2250 mm
Main components of the equipment
  1. The host part includes the material entry and exit mechanism, hydraulic leak detection mechanism and multi-station clamping mechanism, etc.;
  2. Pneumatic control and actuating components;
  3. The computer control box contains power supply circuit, protection circuit, signal circuit and output execution circuit.
  4. With automatic manual switching program, etc.

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