PLJL-2B Two-Station Seal Leakage Tester For Spin-on Filter

A set of PLJL-2B two-station seal leakage tester.
Product Name PLJL-2B
Production Capacity 400 pcs/hour
Working Air Pressure 0–0.8 MPa (adjustable)
Size of Threaded Filter Match all sizes
Power Supply 380/50 V/Hz
Motor Power 0.55 kW
M/C Weight 450 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 1270 × 660 × 1660 mm
  • It is mechanical-electrical-pneumatic integration, with structure compact and facile to be operated, which can automatically perform a duty cycle because of its high automatic degree.
  • Can inspect two pieces of filters at the same time to improve the efficiency.
  • The threaded connections and the sealing rings for the test stand can be changed for the different types of the spin-on filter in order to inspect the sealing performance for the different types of the oil and fuel filters. The threaded connection will be easy and quick to be changed.
  • Control the testing duration through adjusting the time relay to obtain high productive efficiency.
  • Adjust air pressure and upper or lower stroke when needed, which make the test direct viewing and accurate.
  • Adopting the water pressure testing way, to avoid the main machine goes into the eater. So all the parts won't be rusty and long life using.

It is technically used for inspecting the sealing performance of the spin-on filter.


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