PLKJ-20 PLKJ-20 Filter Paper Pore Size Measuring Instrument

A set of PLKJ-20 filter paper pore size measuring instrument.
Air Pressure 0-15 kPa
Pressurization Speed 2-2.5 kPa/min
Display Screen touch
Pressure Value Accuracy ±1%
Pressure Resolution 1 Pa/td>
Aperture Resolution 1 μm
The Test Piece Thickness 0.10–3.5 mm
Test Effective Area 20±0.5 cm2
The Test Sample Diameter 88±0.5 mm
The Gas Cylinder Volume 2.5 L
Power 220V AC
Main Features
  • The maximum pore diameter and average pore diameter of the test piece can be calculated.
  • The instrument is small in size, light in weight, easy to move, and adopts advanced electronic technology.
  • The parameters can be preset, the large LCD screen displays the pressure value and automatically calculates.
  • Displays the aperture value, each step of the operation interface has text prompts, and the operation is simple.
  • The pore size value of each test piece and the average value of a group of test pieces are printed out by the printer.

This product is mainly suitable for the determination of the maximum pore size of filter paper for internal combustion engine filters.


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