PLKJ-20 Filter Paper Aperture Measuring Instrument

A set of PLKJ-20 filter paper aperture measuring instrument.
Product Name PLKJ-20
Air Pressure 0–20 kPa
Pressure Speed 2–2.5 kPa/min.
LCD Display 240128 dot matrix
Pressure Value Accuracy ±1%
Pressure Resolution 0.01 kPa
Aperture Resolution 0.01 µm
Specimen Thickness 0.10–3.50 mm
Test Area 19.6±30.2 cm2
Clamp Ring Diameter 50+0.5 mm
Gas Cylinder Volume 2.5 L
Instrument Size (L × W × H) 275 × 440 × 315 mm
Power Supply (AC) 220 V

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