PLMC-2 Impact Fatigue Test Bench

A set of PLMC-2 impact fatigue test bench.
Product Name PLMC-2
Oil Pump Flow 32 L/min
Test Pressure 0–2 MPa (adjustable)
Pressure Precision 1 grade
Temperature Control Normal temperature to 100 °C
Motor Power 2.2 kW
Power Supply 380/50 /Hz
Wave Form Display long scan oscillograph
Impulse Frequency 0.25–1 Hz
M/C Weight 500 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 1800 × 850 × 1450 mm
  • Can test two different filters at two different areas.
  • Use high-precision long scan oscillograph and pressure sensor to automatically display the impulse wave and pressure respectively.
  • Automatically shows the signals in normal and abnormal test conditions.
  • The stand is automatically protested when higher-pressure, lower liquid level, and the specified limits.
  • Test criterions: JB/T6725-93, ISO4548

It is used to test the shell and seal performance of rotary oil filter with flow quantity less than 50 L/min, and the ability to bear high-pressure fluctuation in rated frequency when motor started.


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