PLMC-4 Oil Filter Impulse Fatigue Performance Tester

A set of PLMC-4 Oil Filter Impulse Fatigue Performance Tester.
Technical Data
Oil Pump Flow Rate: 32 L/min
Test Pressure: 0–2 MPa (adjustable)
Precision Pressure: level 1
Temperature Control Range: room temperature to +100 °C
Motor Power: 1.5 kW
Power Supply Voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz
Waveform Display: using a slow scan oscilloscope
Pulse Frequency: 5–60 adjustable times per minute
Machine Weight: 500 kg
Overall Dimension (L × W × H): 1800 × 850 × 1450 mm
Main Features
  • This function automatically sets the number of pulses, to the time after the machine will automatically stop, and automatically records the number of pulses.
  • The test table is divided into two areas, which can detect two different specifications of filters simultaneously.
  • High-precision slow scanning oscilloscope and pressure sensor can display the pulse waveform and pressure automatically.
  • The pulse wave type can be printed at any time by the computer control circuit.
  • This function automatically displays the normal and abnormal test end signal.
  • The test bed is equipped with automatic protection functions such as high pressure, low hydraulic pressure and overload.
  • The test method meet the criteria: JB/T6725-93, ISO 4548.
Main Features
  • The test table is pressed by a manual pump until the filter breaks, and the pressure gauge will also show the pressure.
  • After the filter breaks, the pressure value will be kept on the pressure gauge for a long time until the manual throttle is reset.
  • The machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, convenient operation and beautiful appearance.

The ability to determine the housing and seal of the rotary filter with a volume flow below 50 L/min to withstand the engine starting condition.


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