PLMS003 HEPA/ULPA Filter Scanning Test System

A set of PLMS003 HEPA/ULPA filter scanning test system.
Test air volume range: 300–4300 m3/h
Test sample specifications (max.): 1220×1220×300 mm
Test resistance range: 0–1000 Pa
Diluter ratio: 1:100-10000
Test efficiency range:
  • 85% to 99.999% @0.3μm
  • 85% to 99.99999% @0.1μm
Sampling flow: 28.3 L/min
Source of fog and dust: DEHS
Power requirements: 380 V, 50 Hz, 9 kW
Gas source requirements: 0.6 MPa
Covered area: 5400×4600×2300 mm
  • The high-efficiency filter scanning and inspection platform is controlled by three-axis and other intelligent components to achieve fully automatic inspection. The software operation is simple and convenient. After the test is completed, the system automatically pops up a report. All test data are reflected in the report. The user can choose to print it directly or save it with one click.
  • The high-efficiency filter scanning and inspection platform adopts point-by-point scanning function and is equipped with a leak point re-scan function, which can accurately locate leak points and generate leak point maps in the inspection report to facilitate users to repair leak points.
  • The isodynamic sampling head and template of the high-efficiency filter scanning and testing platform can be customized according to the different needs of users to meet the testing requirements of different product specifications.
  • The high-efficiency filter scanning and testing platform adopts the latest automatic inlet and outlet structure to facilitate users to replace the tested filter.
  • The high-efficiency filter scanning and detection platform has an automatic dust adjustment function, allowing users to quickly adjust the concentration required for dust detection.
  • The high-efficiency filter scanning and testing platform has its own working clean area to improve the accuracy of equipment testing.
  • The high-efficiency filter scanning test bench is a product independently developed and designed by our company. The product design complies with EN1822:2012 (high-efficiency air filter - sub-efficiency, high-efficiency, ultra-high efficiency)
  • ASHRAE52.2:2012 (Method for testing general ventilation air cleaning equipment based on efficiency of particle size), GB/T 13554-2008 (High Efficiency Air Filter) and other standards, product main testing
  • The average efficiency, lowest point efficiency, leakage point location and resistance at rated air volume of sub-efficiency, high-efficiency and super-efficiency air filters. The products are mainly used by companies in the field of ventilation and air conditioning for product quality control and new product research and development.

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