PLNP-1 Filter Paper Bursting Tester

A set of PLNP-1 filter paper bursting tester.
Technical Data
Sensing Method: pressure transducer
Savings Results: With printing function, it can print 10 sets of data and automatically calculate the average value
Display Method: High-definition LCD screen display, digital A/D value advance rate 100 times/s, high test accuracy
Force Unit: kgf/cm2, Lb/in2, kPa (With unit switching function)
Measuring Range: 250–6000 kPa
Resolution: 1 kPa
Measurement Accuracy: Indication error:better than ±1% FS
Indication value variability:better than ±1%
Hydraulic Speed: High pressure type 170±10 ml/min
Film Resistance: Bulge 10 mm,170 – 220 kPa
Bulge 18 mm,250 – 350 kPa
Clamp Ring Material: Stainless steel
Clamping Force: > 690 kPa (adjustable)
Upper Clamp Ring Hole Inner Diameter: φ31.5±0.05 mm
Lower Clamp Ring Hole Inner Diameter: φ31.5±0.05 mm
Upper Chuck Diameter: 95 mm
Lower Chuck Diameter: 135 mm
Hydraulic Oil: Silicone oil
Volume: 430 mm × 530 mm × 520 mm
Weight: About 70 kg
Power Supply: 1φ, AC 220V
Standard Configuration: 5 pieces of rubber film, 1 wrench, 10 correction sheets, 1 bottle of silicone oil

It complies with relevant standards and adopts pneumatic clamping of specimens and LCD display. It is suitable for measuring the bursting strength of cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other sheet materials.

Main Features
  • After the cardboard is crushed, it will automatically stop and return to the initial position;
  • Fully automatic one-button operation;
  • Can store 50 sets of data at the same time;
  • Equipped with micro-printing, which can print test results;
  • Equipped with emergency stop button to improve operation safety;
  • Equipped with air pressure gauge to monitor pressure at any time;
  • High-definition LCD screen display.
  • Change the traditional glycerin + water method and use silicone oil instead. The machine will not rust easily and extend the life of the machine.
  • The test method met the criteria:ISO 2759, GB/T 1539, QB/T 1057

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