PLPB-1 PLPB-1 Filter Element Air Bubble Tester

A set of PLPB-1 Filter Element Air Bubble Tester.
Technical Data
Fuel Tank Size: 755 mm × 410 mm × 350 mm
Maximum Size of The Test Piece: φ150 mm × 250 mm
Machine Size (L × W × H): 1200 × 600 × 1500 mm
Machine Weight: 500 kg
Main Features

Use universal clamp filter element, dip using non-manual immersion mechanical transmission mechanism. The fuel tank is made of stainless steel, with cylinder control lifting and stainless steel guide tank. The test bench is made of high quality coated steel. Control instruments and instruments are installed on the same surface for convenient operation.


It is used to detect the integrity of the filter element manufacturing, such as defects produced in the processing of the filter paper, defects at the joint of the filter paper, defects in the bonding of the filter paper and the end cover, etc. The pressure of the bubble point can also be measured. Executable standard: ISO4020-1, ISO2942, JISD1611, and JB / T8122, etc.


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