PLPY-1 Bursting Strength Tester

A set of PLPY-1 bursting strength tester.
Product Name PLPY-1
Max. test pressure 2.5 MPa
Pressure Precision 1 grade
Motor Power 0.25 kW
Power Supply 220/50 V/Hz
M/C Weight 250 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 800 × 665 × 1585 mm
  • The manual pump of the test stand will pressurize the filters until the filters burst and the pressure gauge immediately displays the pressure.
  • The pressure to be displayed won’t be disappeared on the displayer until the reset is done by manual.
  • Reasonable design, simple operation and exquisite shape.

It is suitable for testing and inspecting the pressure of the assembly for oil filter.


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