PLXN-50 Oil Filter Performance Tester

A set of PLXN-50 oil filter performance tester.
Product Name PLXN-50
Test Flow 5–50 L/min
Flow Precision 1 Grade
Temperature Control normal temperature to 100 °C
Pressure Precision 0.5 grade
Oil Tank Material stainless steel
Oil Tank Capacity 50 L
Motor Power 3.7 kW
Power Supply 380/50 V/Hz
M/C Weight 500 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 2000 × 1100 × 1885 mm
600 × 575 × 1620 mm
  • Measure test flow through high-precise ellipse gear flow meter.
  • Use precise pressure gauge to measure the pressure when oil in and out.
  • The working table uses stainless steel, and the pipelines and couplers use rust preventing material.
  • To test filter’s blocking life, impurity substance is mixed evenly with impurity affix system.
  • Test criterions: JB/T6725-93, ISO4548

It is used to test: differential pressure/flow properties, bypass element property, by valve response pressure, filter element blocking life, filter element high-pressure resistance loss, high-oil-temperature resistance.


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