Full Ranges of Technical Support For You

If you are satisfied with our solutions, you may consider to purchase our machines and filter materials here. Our technical support will certify how clever your decision you have made. You purchase the machines and you'll get more than machines...

  • Service Promise
  • Installation Guidance
  • Technical Training
  • Maintenance Guidance
  • Spare Parts
Leiman filter element machine technical support

Service Promise

PLM has an experienced service team standby to serve for you. We do our best to solve your puzzles and problems as soon as possible to reduce your waiting time and shorten the shut-down time.

We have a commitment of "4,8,36" which means respond to your requirements within 4 hours, give the pre-solution within 8 hours and complete within 36 hours. We devote to ourselves to solve your problems in the shortest time.

A customer service member is chatting with customer online.

Installation Guidance

Before delivery, we have debug and test machine to achieve the best performance. Besides, we will deliver the installation guidance along with machines.

  1. Installation schedule
  2. Matters needed attention
  3. FAQs.

If you have any doubts, just contact us, we will reply you within 4 hours.

Two workers are showing how to install the filter paper pleating machine.

Technical Training

A worker is operating the leiman machine for customers online.
Online Training

We have create rich training documents and videos for your fast learning and training. These training includes:

  1. Controller operation instruction
  2. Machine daily maintenance instruction
  3. Trouble shooting instruction
Several customer workers are learning how to operate the machine.
Factory Training

You can come to our factory for actual operation instruction. Our specialists will display and guide you operate on the real machine. And we can solve your puzzles timely. At last, we will organize the FAQs for you. So, you can get the comprehensive experience and training other workers fast and efficient.


Maintenance Guidance

PLM have designed a maintenance guidance to help you efficient and fast maintenance, they will delivered along with the machines, and you'll contact us to get the e-books for easy storage.

  1. Maintenance cycle
  2. Matters needed attention
  3. Preparation item list
  4. Maintenance schedule

And we will supply timely guidance online if you needed.

An engineering is preparing maintenance material for customers.

Spare Parts

Don't worry which ones are the spare parts and where to buy the spare parts. PLM consists in supplying a spare parts list for your reference. And we have equipped sufficient parts inventory for immediately delivery to shorten the shut-down time.

We stocks many spare parts in our warehouse for our customers.