PLMIY-10A Full-Auto Turntable Bypass Valve Welding Machine

A set of PLMIY-10A filter safety valve riveting machine.
Product Name PLMIY-10A
Equipment weight About 1000 kg
Running speed 22 PCS / min
Equipment power 2.2 kW
Operating voltage 220 V
Air source requirements 0.6–0.8 MPa
Equipment size Covers an area of approximately 6 square meters
Equipment technical standards
  • The equipment mode has manual and automatic modes. The manual mode can control each action of the equipment to run independently.
  • The appearance of the equipment is made of stainless steel, using weighing foot pads, and the height is adjustable.
  • The equipment works stably for a long time under the following working conditions: ambient temperature: 0°C – 35°C, relative humidity: ≤ 65%, and can work continuously for 24 hours.
  • The equipment automatically counts and has the following protection functions: motor failure alarm, air pressure under-pressure alarm, and cylinder not in place alarm. The alarm will automatically kick out if the accessories assembly fails.
  • The equipment runs stably and the turntable speed is adjustable.
  • Rivet pass rate is greater than 99% (excluding assembly failure kick out and parts problems).
  • The equipment turntable operates in clockwise rotation.

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