Cylindrical Oil Filter Automatic Boxing, Cartoning, and Palletizing Scheme

This is a completed packaging machine, including sealing, cutting and film shrinkable wrapping; automatic inverted bottle to the cartoning machine, the machine automatically opens the box, pushing material, folding, glue inserted molding conveyor, automatic labeling, automatic cartoner, automatic organization, automatic opening, loading, sealing palletizing as a whole carton packaging machine, suitable for multiple varieties and multi-specification. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer with automatic alarm and fault indication. It is characterized by HMI control, simple operation and convenient maintenance. High-quality stainless steel and aluminum made, and the surface is polished.

A set of full auto cartoning machine line.
Technical Parameters
  • Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power: 6 kW
  • Applicable paper tray:
    • 126 × 75 × 75 mm
    • 108 × 68 × 6 mm
    • 135 × 76 × 7 6 mm
    • 135 × 68 × 68 mm
  • Weight: About 12000 kg
  • Carton Requirements: Carton indentation usually at 0.4 mm deep, and the carton needs to have pre-fold effect. If carton opened by hand, it can't be molded, and the machine can't open the carton.
Performance Characteristics
  • Full automatic control by PLC microcomputer.
  • Adopts HMI operating system, which automatically displays the performance data such as cartoning speed, quantity, and cause of failure.
  • This machine is equipped with push material anti-collision function.
  • This machine has the function of detecting the lack of material in the box frame.
  • The machine body adopts high quality stainless steel, paint and aluminum combination
  • Multiple specifications can be adjusted within the prescribed range.
  • Manual and automatic conversion function.
The detail of HMI operation of automatic boxing machine.

HMI operation

The detail of PLC control of automatic boxing machine.

PLC control

Flowchart of the entire line program
The flowchart of entire line program.
Layout of the entire line
The layout of the entire line of full-auto cartoning machine.
  • Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • Cartoning Machine

  • Fully Automatic Single Corner Labeling Machine

  • Unpacking, Crating And Sealing

  • Robot Palletizing

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapping Machine
PLM-5545D Automatic L-shape vertical top and bottom sealing and cutting machine A set of PLM-5545D Automatic L-shape vertical top and bottom sealing and cutting machine
Program Details
Sealing Systems Heat source Adoption of stainless steel heating tube, long service life
Sealing cutter Adopt anti-adhesive and high temperature resistant sealing knife, one-time molding, sealing more firmly and beautifully, Teflon coated non-stick film on the outside of the knife.
Sealing cutter temperature control Adopting Japan "OMRON" digital display temperature controller and imported thermal sensor control, temperature 0-300 °C adjustable.
Sealing size Electric height control
Max. sealing size: L+H <450 mm, W+H < 400 mm,H<170 mm
Seal protection Adopt Taiwan Meiji, effectively prevent missealing of packaging objects
Drive system Taiwan SHAKO cylinder vertical drive control transverse sealing knife, make sure the seal is firm and smooth
Sliding rail Adopt Japan: "THK" to ensure the sealing knife up and down running smoothly.
Sealing system Adopt "Taiwan SHAKO" cylinder to ensure the sealing firmly and accurately.
Conveying system Belt PU conveying belt
Motor MAILI motors for high speed and smooth conveyance
Test Adopt American "Banner" photoelectric sensors to accurately and sensitively detect product transportation and stopping.
Recycling system Motor MAILI motors,ensure accurate and uniform recycling of waste materials
Inductive switch Adopting Taiwan Meiji to accurately control the time of recycling waste materials
Film feeding system Motor MAILI motors,ensure smooth film feeding
Inductive switch Adopt Taiwan Meiji to accurately control the film feeding length
Power supply/power 3& 380 V, 50/60 Hz, ≤ 4 kW
PLC Siemens
Contactor France SCHNEIDER
Intermediate relay JAPAN IDEC
Touchscreens Kunlun Tongtai 7 inch, 65000 color screen
Thermostat Yudian
Emergency switch JAPAN IDEC
Hole puncher Multi-position perforator for rapid air venting of the bag during shrinkage
Machine component materials Carbon steel spraying, the key parts are made of stainless steel plate and aluminum profile to ensure a solid structure.
Packing speed Varies depending on pack size (1–35 pcs/min)
Air pressure 6–8 kg/cm2
Surface treatment requirements Corrosion-resistant structural material surface spraying or nickel-plated treatment
PLM-5030LW Constant Temperature Shrink Wrapping Machine A set of PLM-5030LW Constant Temperature Shrink Wrapping Machine
Program Details
Heating system Insulation layer Made of high-temperature resistant rock wool, low surface temperature when working, reducing heat loss
Temperature control OMRON temperature controller, temperature 0-200 °C
Conveying system Motor Taiwan LUSON geared motor
Ventilation system Specially designed air duct system, the product is heated evenly, Japan Minghe wind motor, according to the different products can be adjusted to shrink the partial air volume in the furnace.
Controlling system Protective switch Schneider
Intermediate relay Schneider
Thermostat OMRON
Emergency switch Schneider
Converter Schneider
Solid-state Relay OMRON
Switching power supply Schneider
Switch Tend
Machine body Outer plate Adopting ordinary carbon steel plate, after bending, surface plastic spraying treatment
Inner plate Adoption of galvanized sheet hydraulics
Shrinkage oven size (L×W×H) 1500×500×300 mm
Power supply/power 3 & 380 V / 50 Hz, average 18 kW
Machine size (L×W×H) 1800×950×1250 mm (Subject to actual machine)
Cartoning Machine
A set of cartoning machine.

Main configuration

Number Name Brand Place of origin
1 Main body Stainless steel & steel / painting China
2 Electric components Schneider/OMRON France/Japan
3 PLC Xinje China
4 Touch screen Xinje China
5 Pneumatic component Airtac Joint venture
6 Bearing Luoyang China
7 Converter Xinje China
8 Motor Starshine drive China
9 Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Nordson U.S.
A drawing shows dimensions of cartoning machine.
Fully Automatic Single Corner Labeling Machine
A set of Fully Automatic Single Corner Labeling Machine.

Main configuration

Electrical Parts
Name Brand QTY. Name Brand QTY
PLC Panasonic 1 set Header Traction Motor LEADSHINE/BALE 1 set
Label Sensors LEUZE/SICK 1 set HMI SAMKOOM/WECON 1 set
Product Sensors Panasonic 1 set
Machine Structural Parts
Name Material QTY. Name Material QTY
Marker head and adjusting mmechanism Stainless steel, aluminum alloy 1 set Traction mechanism Gold steel, aluminum alloy 1 set
Conveying mechanism Stainless steel, aluminum alloy 1 set Electric box mechanism Stainless steel, aluminum alloy 1 set
Guide mechanism Stainless steel, aluminum alloy 1 set Corner labeling mechanism Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brushes 1 set
Covering mechanism Stainless steel, aluminum alloy 1 set
Remarks: Configuration may be reasonably adjusted in the case of the same level of configuration according to the actual material delivery period, and may be revised according to the customer's needs for configuration.

Technical Parameters

  • Labeling speed: about 0 – 60 P/min (depending on the product and label size)
  • Labeling accuracy: ± 1 mm (excluding product labeling and other errors)
  • Applicable product size (L × W × H): 200 × 180 × 100 mm
  • Applicable labeling range: length 10 – 100 mm, backing paper width 10 – 100 mm
  • Maximum label supply: outer diameter of 300 or less, inner diameter of 76 mm
  • Ambient temperature / humidity: 0-50 °C, 15% – 85%
  • Voltage specification: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Size (L × W × H): 2200 × 1100 × 1500 mm
  • Weight: about 170 kg
  • Label parameter:
    • Label spacing: 2–3 mm ± 0.2 mm (roll material)
    • Material: It is recommended that the use of grapheme backing paper, backing paper to avoid cuts or cut marks, affecting the normal operation of the labeling
Unpacking, Crating And Sealing

Open Box Molding Machine

  • Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz 400 W
  • Air pressure: 6 kg/cm2
  • Gas consumption: 200 L/min
  • Overall dimension (L × W × H): 2000 × 1950 × 1500 mm
  • Machine weight: 400 kg
  • Carton specification: can be customized according to customers' carton size.
  • Tape width: 4.8 × 7.2 cm
  • Molding speed: ≤10 boxes/minute (depending on carton size)
  • Production efficiency of single machine: ≥ 95%.
  • Carton loss: 1‰
  • Carton opening mode: vertical molding
  • Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz 400 W
  • Electrical configuration:
    • PLC control: Germany "Siemens".
    • Contactors: France "Schneider".
    • Sensor: S+D
    • Push button switch: France "Schneider"
    • Human-machine interface: Xinje
    • Cylinder: Taiwan "Yadek".
    • Motor: Taibang
    • Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz 400 W
  • Working process: suction box → unpacking box → folded front and back paper cover → folded left and right paper cover → seal the bottom
  • Environmental conditions:
    • Humidity ≤ 98%
    • Temperature 0 – 40 ° C.
A set of Open Box Molding Machine.

The whole machine features:

  • Equipment design and production in line with the requirements of the production line process and plane layout, beautiful appearance, good manufacturing process
  • Low electricity and water consumption, easy and quick operation, adjustment and maintenance
  • The machine has good self-safety protection functions, such as overload protection and safety door, etc.
  • Alarm function for no tape and no cardboard box.
  • Storage mechanism: about 50 unformed cartons can be placed at a time (according to the thickness of the carton), and can be replenished at any time
  • Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz 400 W

Crating Models

Connecting the front section of the equipment automatically conveying finishing to the cartoner conveyor belt, the machine is automatically arranged, neatly after the side of the carton pushed loading.

A set of Crating Models.


Number Name Brand Place of origin
1 Main body Stainless Steel & Steel China
2 Electric components Schneider/OMRON France/Japan
3 PLC Xinje China
4 Touch screen Xinje China
5 Pneumatic component Airtac Joint venture
6 Bearing Luoyang Siemens
7 Servo motor Luoyang China

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power KW: 2.2 kW
  • Speed: 1 – 5 case/Min
  • Applicable paper tray: (L × W × H)
    • 395 × 170 × 141 mm
    • 360 × 150 × 123 mm
    • 400 × 170 × 150 mm
    • 360 × 156 × 150 mm
  • Weight: About 1.2 ton
  • Carton Requirements:
    • carton indentation: 1.0 mm deep
    • beveled corners cartons required

Automatic Folding Cover Sealing Machine

  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 200 W
  • Working air pressure: 6 kg/cm2
  • External dimensions (L × W × H): 1700 × 930 × 1510 mm
  • Table height: 600 mm (adjustable)
  • Carton specification: customized according to customers' carton
  • Belt speed: 20 meters/minute
  • Tape size: 48 mm or 55 mm
  • Sealing tape: kraft tape, BOPP tape
  • Electrical configuration
    • Contactor: France "Schneider"
    • Push button switch: "Siemens" APT
    • Pneumatic components: Taiwan "Airtac" / " SHAKO"
A set of automatic folding cover sealing machine.

Machine performance

  • Manual adjustment of height and width when changing specifications
  • Transmission mode adopts the lower two sides of the belt drive.
  • Line or stand-alone operation, automatic folding lid, upper and lower one line sealing completed at one time.
Robot Palletizing
  • Load: 25 kg
  • Arm Length: 1808 mm
  • Body Mass: 191 kg
  • Protection Level: IP 54 (Axis 4-5-6 IP 67)Protection Level: IP 54 (Axis 4-5-6 IP 67)
  • Repeatability Precision: ±0.08 mm
  • Application Scenarios: Machine tool loading and unloading, palletizing, handling, assembly, etc.
  • Product Features: Six-axis full RV design, good rigidity
A robot of automatic packing machine.
A drawing shows linkage and motion range of robot

Linkage and Motion Range

A drawing shows structural component motion range, linkage parameter diagram.

Structural Component Motion Range, Linkage Parameter Diagram

A drawing shows load torque variation diagram of robot

Load Torque Variation Diagram

A drawing shows interface and installation dimension diagram of robot

Interface and Installation Dimension Diagram