PLJY350-1000 HDAF Mesh Cutting & Rolling Machine

A set of PLJY350-1000 HDAF mesh cutting & rolling machine
Product Name PLJY350-1000
Design Speed 23 m/min
Working Width 1000 mm
Min. Roll Circumference 240 mm
Total Power 3 kW
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
M/C Weight 700 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 1800 × 1500 × 1100 mm
  • This machine can cut and roll round automatically according to the product size change.
  • This machine can according to different specifications of the filter height, precise adjustment, cutting size, convenient operation, the cutting effect is smooth, excess waste material can be rolled round.

This machine is applicable to the air filter of the inner and outer mesh roll round.


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