PLM-AB-1A HEPA automatic gluing machine

A set of PLM-AB-1A HEPA automatic gluing machine.
Working range 610 × 610 × 600 Hmm
Maximum speed 300 mm/s
Number of operating stations Double stations
Cleaning method Automatic cleaning of methodicalness, interval type glue out to prevent curing
Pouring method Three-axis moving pouring
Equipment components two components (1A+1B), A (plastic box): 50 L, B (plastic box): 30 L
Mixing ratio Weight ratio 3:1
Working pressure 0.4–0.7 MPa
Input voltage AC 220 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Equipment power 5 kW
Weight About 800 kg
Machine size 2000 × 1800 × 2000 mm

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