PLM-H-120 Multi-Station Automatic Stretching Machine

A set of PLM-H-120 Multi-Station Automatic Stretching Machine
Working pressure 63T for the first/second/third line
Plunger stroke 500 mm, 500 mm, 500 mm
Maximum opening distance 950 mm
Ejection pressure 150 kN
Ejection stroke 200 mm
Motor power 11 kW × 3 = 33 kW
Oil pump 80YCY × 3 sets
Shell height ≤ 180 mm

Automatic, downward growth, slow pressure, fast return

  • The main engine structure is two beams and four columns, the hydraulic station is put on the oil tank, the hydraulic system uses four sets of Shandong cartridge valve, split oil tank, filling tank is placed on the top of the machine, the top has safety guardrail and stairs, the mobile operating platform is equipped with rotating installation on the top of the machine.
  • The electric control power supply is 24V DC, with computer and touch screen control.
  • Imported material oil seal for sealing parts.
  • Column and plunger are hard chrome plated.
  • Fuselage steel plate welding, oil pipe connection using high pressure hose.

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