PLM-JB-1 Toyota Eco Oil Filter Paper Bonding Machine

A set of PLM-JB-1 Toyota Eco Oil Filter Paper Bonding Machine.
Production capacity: 5 pcs/min
Hot melt glue tank: 3 kg
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 2500 W
Max Power: 2500 W
Machine weight: 145 KG
Machine size: 1010×980×1690 mm

The machine is used for Toyota eco oil filter paper bonding.

Main equipment configuration
  • Structure: Painted steel frame, imported alloy aluminum mold, foot switch, rubber bucket, etc.
  • Electrical appliances: PLC man-machine interface, thermostat, cooling fan, electric cabinet, electric control cabinet, etc.
  • Additional configuration: 9-piece set of inner hexagon, 3-piece set of double-headed open-ended wrench, 3 molds (including 1 installed machine), wear and tear accessories (aprons, fuses, sensors)

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