PLWL-350-II Separated HEPA Filter Corrugating Machine For Paper or Aluminum

A set of PLWL-350-II separated HEPA filter corrugating machine for paper or aluminum
Product Name PLWL-350-II
Production Capacity 20 pcs/min (length: 500 mm)
Max. Width 320 mm
Max.Coil Diameter 600 mm
Adjustable Height Range Any adjustment
Motor Power 0.75 kW
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
M/C Weight 600 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 3400 × 510 × 1600 mm
  • Customize the rollers according to the pleating height and pitch of waves.
  • The roller speed can be controlled through variable-speed motor to accommodate different working conditions.
  • The length can be set freely, and cut off automatically.
  • It is equipped with the aluminum edge-doubled device while corrugating. Which prevent the fiber glass form breaking.
  • Use the gathering cylinder to collect products into the container.
  • High efficiency and simple operation.

This machine is technically used in shaping the aluminum foil corrugation of separated high efficiency filter.


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