Russia's Filters Production Line Expands Cases

Customer Background

Our honored customer.

Russia AF customer is a factory with some production experience. After signing a one-time purchase contract in March 2020, due to our professional business coordination, they have purchased multiple machines from us in the following year and established a stable customer relationship.

Due to the recent national market demand and in order to seize the market and make early arrangements, the customer needs to expand the company's business and increase the production line for other types of filters. They have also prepared a factory building and provided factory drawings

Customer Problems & Solutions

customer problem.

Q1. Customer's market survey let them have a clear understanding of the products to be produced, providing original part numbers and product photos, and required us to provide accurate quotes for truck filter production lines.

A1: Prepare a complete quotation for the machine assembly line (including a list of vulnerable parts) based on the products provided by the customer.

Q2. The customer requested us to provide all the raw materials needed for the production line.

A2: According to the provided part number by the customer, we determined the product dimensions, identified the customer's target market, and provided detailed explanations and confirmation regarding the required material quality grade and specific dimensional parameters for procurement.

Q3. The customer needed our help in designing the machine layout, internal power layout of the factory, and a series of other preparatory work such as air compressors and voltage stabilizers.

A3. Based on the customer's factory drawings, we assisted the customer in preparing machine layout drawings, power layout, air compressor size and location, stabilizer, and other related preparations and lists.

Q4. Customers needed us to provide perfect after-sales installation training services.

A4. After determining the number of engineers required and the number of days for installation training with the customer, a relevant after-sales cost contract was signed. Once the machine's arrival at the port and clearance time was confirmed, preparations for engineer visas would commence.

Customer Feedback

customer serve for our customers.

Thank you for your one-stop service, which has helped us seize the market and save a lot of energy, time, and costs. We hope to continue trusting each other.

An arrangement drawing for our Russia customers.