PLAS-4 PLAS-4 Full-Auto Turntable Four-Station Tapping Machine

A set of PLAS-4 full-auto turntable four-station tapping machine.
Product Name PLAS-4
Product Capability 8 pcs/min
Tapping Range M57 × 2 (Metric)
Work Piece Output Quantity/Time 4 pcs/time
Work Piece Range Φ60 mm to Φ135 mm
Chuck Positioning Aperture Φ11 mm to Φ35 mm
Motor Power 5.5 kW
Cooling Pump Power 90 W
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply Voltage 380 V / 50–60 Hz 3 phase
Machine Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1000×1300×2000 mm

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