PLFC-150G Seaming Machine

A set of PLFC-150G seaming machine.
Product Name PLFC-150G
Production Capacity 30 cans/min
Sealing Diameter 50–150 mm
Filter Assemble Height 50–300 mm
Available Steel Thickness 0.5–0.8 mm
Motor Power 3 kW
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
M/C Weight 800 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 860 × 700 × 1750 mm
  • Electric and pneumatic controls are used by the seaming machine. The feed movements is carried out for the first roller and second roller by tow sets of cam mechanics.
  • Loading and unloading of the processing port will be done by the pneumatic parts that is controlled by the pre-determined program.
  • Adopts manual mode by pressing the button in favor of the operators' security.
  • The sealing wheel uses cr12mov of high as-quenched hardness and fine wear resistance to lengthen the service life.

The machine is professional used to seal the shells of rotary type and fuel filter with sealing back plate.


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