PLPP-800-II Full-Auto PP Intermittent Gluing Production Line

A set of PLPP-800-II full-auto PP intermittent gluing production line
Product Name PLPP-800-II
Production Capacity 4–25 m/min
Max. width 800 mm
Adjustable Height Range 10–100 mm
Distance Between Gluing Lines 25.4 mm
Gluing Lines 2 × 30 pcs
Total Line Power 20 kW
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
M/C weight 500 kg
Main Machine Size (L × W × H) 5000 × 1400 × 1720 mm
Glue Machine Size (L × W × H) 850 × 900 × 1165 mm
  • Both the fiber glass pleating and hot melt dispensing on the same machine. The long conveyor belt and cooling fans are adopted after the pleating system, so to fast drying the hot melt and cut any length.
  • The main machine, conveyor belt and the hot melt applicator are all controlled by the PLC and monitor which is simple operation and fast speed.
  • The travel distance of two pleats can be adjusted among certain scopes while hot melt dispensing, which avails the dryness and humidity of the hot melt and good for firmly folded.
  • This machine equips the cutting and trimming device, which is used to meet different filter specifications.
  • This production line is stainless steel obey and aluminum frame, which is strong, nice and long life.
  • Six sets of the rollers circling placed on one machine, which is easily to be changed and to meet different specifications.
  • The hot melt melting very fast and the hot melt dispensing amount can be adjusted by the frequency converter.
  • High productive efficiency and good smoothness.
  • Furthermore, we can customize the paper-pleating production line of different specifications.

This machine is professionally designed and used for pleating and hot melt dispensing on the fiber glass or polypropylene, and is able to match different specifications of the filter elements, which is characterized with high productive efficient and simple operation.


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