PLJY54-500 Full-Auto HDAF Wire Mesh Rolling Machine

A set of PLJY54-500 full-auto hdaf wire mesh rolling machine.
Product Name PLJY54-500
Max. Strip Width 54 mm
Production Capacity 10–20 pcs/min
Rolling Diameter Range 90–450 mm
Steel Plate Thickness 0.3–0.5 mm
Motor Power 3 kW
Working Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
M/C Weight 600 kg
M/C Size (L × W × H) 1700 × 1500 × 2000 mm
Machine Size (L × W × H) 740 × 700 × 1100 mm
  • This machine can conveniently, quickly changing the diameter of the spiral tube.
  • According to user needs required for cutting length.
  • Suitable for different thickness of the material.
  • Using computer control, the production efficiency is high, stable quality, reduce the process, the materials used, can reduce the production cost.

This equipment is suitable for the integral forming of the inner and outer diamond guard net of the truck air filter element.


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