PLAT-3000 Full-Auto Air Filter Performance Tester

A set of PLAT-3000 full-auto air filter performance tester.
Product Name PLAT-3000
Flow Range 20–1000 m3/h
Ash Flow Rate 0.5–50 g/min
Measurement Accuracy 0.025 kPa
Control normal temperature to +150 °C
Working Pressure 1 MPa
Motor Power 20 kW
Power Supply Voltage 380 V / 50 Hz
Machine Weight 3000 KG
Experimental projects
  • Original intake resistance, pressure loss and pressure drop test
  • Original filter efficiency test
  • Life-span filtration efficiency and ash storage capacity test
  • Variable flow test of filter

It is used to test the shell and seal performance of rotary oil filter with flow quantity less than 50 L/min, and the ability to bear high-pressure fluctuation in rated frequency when motor started.


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